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Artist Statement:

Experiences which are deeply personal and yet universal. Emotions which are intensely private and yet have been felt by everyone. Existing as a single thread and yet inseparable from the fabric of humanity.

I respond to these paradoxes through my art.

I often incorporate into my paintings words or thoughts, records of a moment. My art evolves from these single moments, woven into paint and paper and canvas.

At times the weaving is figurative, as in my two dimensional work. At times the weaving is literal; I physically deconstruct and reconstruct my paintings into three-dimensional sculptures.

Time loses its linear quality as these thoughts and emotions intersect in a series of arcs, loops and spirals. Life experiences take form and dimension as a collection of interwoven moments –

separate yet inseparable.

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Images of Kaaren’s Studio in Nashville:

Studio front room Front room Office/painting area Office area Kitchen area From below Studio Odds and ends The studio More tubes in the studio Kaaren's studio Tubular sculptures Kaaren's singing bowls Singing bowls detail My Studio in October 2013