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Transforestation – large paper sculptures

Much of my inspiration is drawn from the magic and mystery of nature. Walking in the woods, with sunlight filtering through the canopy of leaves, I am entranced by the light refracting into a rainbow of colors. I am fascinated by seed pods, which encapsulate an entire world within one small orb. As the tallest tree grows from the tiniest seed, my towering creations have grown from sculptures, which fit in the palm of my hand. The awesome process of germination, transformation, culmination and liberation is a common thread shared by all living things. It is my hope that this work inspires viewers to gaze not only upward, but inward, and to experience the pure joy of creation.

These sculptures are related to my smaller three dimensional works, in that they are created from paintings made with acrylic paint and medium on Arches watercolor paper. However the magnitude of the project has pushed these sculptures into an entirely new direction.

Transforestation detail Transforestation Transforestation Transforestation