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Woven Paper Sculptures

These woven paper sculptures were a response to a period in my life when things were falling apart. The future was unclear and I was confused about which path to take, or even if a path existed. I would journal on paintings that I had previously abandoned, pouring raw emotion onto the paper. These “journal entries” were far to personal to share, and the paper was far to expensive to throw away, so instead I cut them into strips so the words would be unreadable. And then something magical happened. The individual pieces were no longer an unfinished painting, but rather they had an intrinsic beauty which could only be seen when separated from the whole. I began weaving these strips together into forms.  Without intention, they seemed to shape themselves – into eggs, nests, orbs. And I had my answer – I could take my life apart and weave each beautiful piece back together into a completely new and different form.

Spatial Spatial - 2nd view Guarded Fortress Flight Nightshades Surrender Internal Forces Temporal Loops Cheatin' Heart After Thought