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A bit about my journey

After retiring from my first career as a corporate attorney in 2000, I was amazed at the opportunities for new and creative ventures that opened up.   It involved a certain amount of trust, and a healthy dose of faith, as well as an ability to say “yes” to everything for a while (don’t do this long term; you’ll end up with TOO much on your plate!).

As these opportunities matured, I was equally amazed by the way in which they began to dovetail into one another.   As an artist, I create paintings, sculpture, installations and “environments.”  My work as an author and illustrator encompasses performance art, yoga and meditation.  As a yoga teacher, there is the need to create a safe and nurturing environment which allows for creative exploration of self-care and restorative arts.   The antique Tibetan singing bowls which have become an integral part of my teaching and restorative arts find their way into my art and author activities.   Often I am blessed to exhibit art in spaces where I teach yoga, allowing me to curate the environment and amplify the “vibrations.”   I have the dream job, which allows me to be creative and untethered to conventional approaches.   I can also paint in my pajamas and wear my yoga clothes as much as I want.   I feel lucky to have my efforts affirmed by others, who find meaning in my art, comfort in my classes and inspiration from my writing.   To be so blessed is a gift and I often wonder, How did I get here?  I still don’t have an answer, but I am grateful every day.


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