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Restorative Yoga, Singing Bowls & Healing Arts in Nashville, TN

Kaaren believes that everyone has an innate power to heal, and she helps her students access their abilities as healers. She is certified by the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors (a 1,000 hour program), and has continued studying restorative yoga for the past decade. She also utilizes the healing power created through yoga and sound by playing her antique Tibetan singing bowls in her yoga classes. The soothing and meditative effects produced by the bowls are also available in her singing bowl restorative yoga workshops and individual sound sessions.

Kaaren is fascinated by the body’s remarkable ability for self-healing. Yoga postures, guided imagery and sound vibration all enhance the calming and healing effects of focused breathing. Kaaren’s restorative yoga classes in Nashville are deemed “continuing beginner” and are suitable for all levels of practice. Every class is designed to be nurturing and relaxing with mindful, explorative movement.

Discover the mystery and wonder of restorative yoga with one of Nashville’s premiere teachers and healers at ha.lé Mind and Body in Nashville.


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